Centerline turbo manifolds are made from high quality 304 Stainless. All of our manifolds are professionally TIG welded and back purged to insure 100% efficiency to your turbo and no unwanted turbulence in air flow. Every manifold includes our porting process to ensure maximum flow. Mating surfaces are machined perfectly flat to ensure a 100% seal. Each and every manifold is built by hand to ensure quality is our top priority.


- 1/2" 3D CNC Steel Machined Head Flanges (Stainless Optional)
- 1/2" CNC Steel Machined Turbo Flanges (Stainless Optional)
- 304 Sch 10 Stainless Steel Runners
- 1.25" Standard Runner Size 
- TIG Welded & Back purged
- Ported Head & Turbo Flange
- Hand Made
- 2000 Degree Ceramic Coating (Optional)
- Lifetime Warranty to first owner


*Want Optional Stainless Flanges? Email Us First at Sales@centerlinems.com*
* Lead time is 2-4 weeks, Inquire for custom lead times.
* Products are intended for off road/track use only.
* Hand Made, Welded, & Fabricated Parts are Final sale
SKU: CM-2jz-TM-1